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Military History Of Bayonne

Revolutionary War Hot Topics Open shelves
Civil War Hot Topics Open shelves
Muster Roll: Civil War (Original) Box BA 81  Drawer BA 13
Spanish American War Hot Topics Open shelves
World War I Bound, jacket cover red, each page is encapsuled in mylar. (2 volumes) Open shelves
Hot Topics Open shelves
Photographs- First team of people leaving Bayonne for WWI Box BA 83, Drawer 13
One binder next to WWII multi volume sets Open shelves
“Radiotone” portraits of veterans from Bayonne who lost their lives during WWI Open shelves
83 portraits, 65 identified by name (Poor condition) Drawers 1-3, Art Workshop cabinet
WW I Service men from Bayonne Box BA 38 & 39, Drawer 13
World War II Multi-volume sets marked WWII, 9 Linear ft. (These materials are also available on microfilm) Open shelves Microfilm cabinet
Copies of Honor Roll (Possibly ones never sent out to relatives) Box BA 80, Drawer 13
Hot Topics - Contains WWII nurses, American Gold Star Mothers, New Jersey, died in Action Open shelves
Photographs - Servicemen and women from Bayonne Box BA 83, Drawer 13
 WWII Honor List of dead and missing, State of New Jersey. War Dept. June 1946 Drawer 17
Bayonne Service flag (a magazine), WWII. July 3, 1924. 3 bound copies and one encapsuled Drawer 17
Honor Roll Committee Box BA 80, Drawer 12
Killed on died in action (Robinson Collection) Drawer 12
List of Servicemen Box BA 76, Drawer 12
Photos of Bayonne WWII heroes Drawer 13
Servicemen and next of kin Box BA 76, Drawer 12
Interviews of WWII, Korean and Vietnam War.  42 audio tapes  
Korean War Hot Topics Open shelves
An oversize photo “21st Infantry Btn. Baker Company, Bayonne boarded Pullman train at 33rd street. August 28, 1950” Drawer BA 17
Vietnam War Hot Topics Open shelves
Photos Box BA 82,  Drawer BA 13


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