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Call Number Title
ARC 352.0749 BAY Minutes of the Board of Councilmen, Bayonne. 1877-1962. 25 linear ft.
ARC 974.926 WIN History of Land Titles: Hudson County. Winfield. 7.5 linear ft. (Location - Brown Boxes)
ARC 974.926 ROB Bayonne Centennial Historical Revue.  By Dr. Walter Robinson.
ARC 974.926 SIN Bayonne Old and New.  By Gladys Sinclair.
ARC 974.926 WHI First History of Bayonne.  By Royden Whitcomb.
ARC 974.926 TRU History of Hudson County and of the Old Village of Bergen.
ARC 974.926 ROB Old Bergen Township in American Revolution.  By Dr. Walter Robinson.
ARC 364.163 MIL The Great Salad Oil Swindle.
ARC 331.892 LEV I Break Strikes: The Technique of Pearl L. Bergoff.
ARC 338.0974 LIT City of Bayonne, NJ.  A Manual for Industrial Location.
ARC 929.1 VRE Vreeland Family History and Genealogy.
ARC 920 SIN Bayonne Biography.  By Sinclair.
ARC 929.397 HAR Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties.  Harvey.
ARC 973.344 STR Official Register of the Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War.  Printed by the Authority of the Legislature 1872.
ARC 974.926 VAN History of the Municipalities of Hudson County. Van Winkle. (3 volumes)
ARC 974.926 WIN History of Hudson County.  Winfield 1874.
ARC 974.931 SHA History of Essex and Hudson Counties. William H. Shaw, 1884. (3 volumes)
ARC 974.927 JER Jersey City and its historic sites.  Eaton, 1899. (Location - Draw BA 16)
ARC974.927 MCL History of Jersey City. A record of its early settlement and corporate progress. 1895. (Location - Draw BA 16) 
ARC 929.903 IND Index of Wills, Inventories, etc.  In the office of State of the Secretary of State. (Location - Boxes 36, 37, 38, 39)