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Binder Number Description
1 Polish Americans in Bayonne 973.04 BUK
2 Hispanic History of Bayonne
3 Italian American Heritage
4 Profile of Jewish Community of Bayonne
5 African Americans in Bayonne
6 Bayonne Bridge
7 Bayonne School System
8 E. Whitcomb & the Y.M.C.A
9 USS New Jersey
10 Bayonne Post Office
11 Central Railroad of New Jersey
12 Bayonne History
13 Bayonne Facts Chronology
14 Bayonne History
15 History of Bayonne
16 Early History of Bayonne
17 Bayonne History Schnitzer
18 Some important people and events in Bayonne.
19 Bayonne Biography
20 Bayonne Biographies
21 Bayonne Industry
22 Bayonne Industry
23 Bayonne Industry
24 Standard Oil Strike and Other Industrial Strikes
25 Bayonne Industries
26 Index to Bayonne Industries
27 USA Work Program WPA
28 Bayonne Mayors and their Administrations
29 Bayonne Buildings
30 Houses of Worship
31 Bayonne’s Role in WWI and WWII
32 Bayonne’s Heroes in WWI and WWII
33 Bayonne’s Heroes in Korean War
34 Bayonne in the Revolutionary Civil and Spanish American War
35 Congressional Medal of Honor
36 The Story of the Bayonne Times
37 Bayonne Actors and Actresses
38 Parks, Statues and Movie Houses
39 Police Department
40 Bayonne Fire Department
41 Fires in Bayonne
42 Bayonne Cemetery
43 PT Boats; Bayonne
44 Letters, Essays and Memoirs
45 Photocopies of Original Photographs
46 Bayonne Sports
47 La Tourette Hotel
48 Bayonne Artists
49 Bayonne Pictures
50 Early Settlers of Bayonne
51 Bayonne History as told by Mayor Collins