Axis 360 App


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What is the Axis 360 app?

The Axis 360 app is the mobile experience for users of Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 digital media library. Through the Axis 360 app, Baker & Taylor provides libraries and their users a state-of-the-art system for discovering and checking out the digital content they want, including ebooks and audiobooks, on the devices they choose.

2. Why are you releasing a new app?

With the Axis 360 app, users will enjoy increased functionality and ease-of-use, with one-stop access to content from their public or school library. The Axis 360 app offers mobile users the ability to discover, download and listen to digital audiobooks, as well as access ebooks to read, within a single application on one consolidated bookshelf.

3. Does Axis 360 offer single sign on?

Yes! Users enter their library card info just one time and it will be remembered for all future checkouts.

4. What are your plans for a single app experience?

The new Axis 360 app makes the logistics of discovering and downloading digital content easy. The streamlined app gets readers directly to the ebook or audiobook they're excited to explore. Our all-in-one app, which will bring intuitive design and simplicity to digital content discovery, checkout, reading and listening, will be released later this year.

5. What are some of the features of the Axis 360 app?

Some of the features and benefits users will enjoy:

·         One-time log in to the library, remembered on the user’s device

·         Intuitive browse and search features, and easy check out and holds processes

·         One consolidated “My Stuff” bookshelf for ebooks and audiobooks

·         Built-in audiobook player for immediate listening

·         Simple, friendly guidance for the best reading experience using Blio and axisReader

·         SmartLaunch technology that triggers reading or listening with a tap

·         Access to borrowed ebooks and audiobooks on multiple devices

·         Related title reading recommendations, based on the user’s selections  

6.     How does the Axis 360 app work?  

Users can browse the library or school’s digital collection or search across all content for a specific title.  New discoveries or longtime favorites can be checked out on the go for listening with the built-in audiobook player, or reading in their preferred ebook reader. The Axis 360 app will detect if the user needs to install the required ereader, and guide her through the simple, one-time installation process.

7. What devices are compatible with the Axis 360 app?

The Axis 360 app runs on Apple phones and tablets, iPod touch (iOS 7 and up) and Android devices (Android release 4 and up).

8. Is it free?

Yes, the Axis 360 app is completely free and is available for download in the Apple App Store and at Google Play.

9.     Can I find and check out ebooks and digital audiobooks via the Axis 360 app?

Yes. The Axis 360 app allows you to find and checkout all of the digital content formats your library makes available.

10. Which ereading apps does Axis 360 support?

Axis 360 delivers ebooks to Blio and axisReader. SmartLaunch technology automatically triggers Blio or axisReader, based on the title format that is checked out.

·         Blio for seamless reading across multiple devices in a rich, interactive experience

·         axisReader for page-by-page reading using EPUB and PDF ebook formats

·         11.  Should I install Blio and axisReader before using the Axis 360 app?

New users should just download the new Axis 360 app to their device. From there, they can discover, check out and download content. If a user needs the ereader app for the format they selected, the Axis 360 app steps them through the one-time installation.

12.  I use axisReader. How does axisReader work with the Axis 360 app?

axisReader is integrated with the Axis 360 app. Users who currently access their library’s digital collection via axisReader can now download the new Axis 360 app to link to their library and to find the content they would like to borrow. When items are checked out via the Axis 360 app they will open automatically within the user’s axisReader app.

13.  I use the Blio reader. How does Blio work with the Axis 360 app?

Blio is integrated with the Axis 360 app. Blio users can now download the new Axis 360 app to link to their library and to find the content they want to borrow. When items are checked out via the Axis 360 app they will open automatically within the user’s Blio app.

14.  I use the Acoustik app. How do audiobooks work with the Axis 360 app?

The new Axis 360 app includes a built-in audiobook player, so Acoustik is no longer needed -- audiobooks automatically play within the app after check out. However, we continue to support the Acoustik app. So, when an Acoustik user borrows an audiobook from your Axis 360 website, it will be delivered to their Acoustik app in the same process that the user is familiar with. During checkout, the user will be informed about and be invited to try the new Axis 360 app for an all-in-one, click-and-listen audiobook experience. For convenience, all audiobooks will be delivered to both Acoustik and the Axis 360 app until the user is ready to switch to using the all-in-one Axis 360 app.

15.  Are there changes affecting desktop Axis 360 users?

Desktop users can continue their accustomed routines for using Axis 360 on PC or Mac.

16.  Should I stop using axisReader to find and borrow ebooks for Axis 360?

The new Axis 360 app is fully integrated with xisReader, so users who check out EPUB and PDF ebooks with continue to read them in axisReader. And for now, axisReader will continue to provide users with access to their library’s digital collection through the bowser on their mobile device. However, the new Axis 360 app provides a better user experience for discovery and check out, and with its one-time login feature offers improved ease of use. At a future date, when the Axis 360 app includes a built-in ebook reader, the axisReader app will be retired.