Guidelines for Donations


The Bayonne Public Library welcomes donations of books, CDís, VHS tapes and DVDís. Donated items will be evaluated for possible addition to our collection. Donated items which are not suitable for our collection will be offered for sale in the libraryís ongoing book sale, or in some cases, discarded.


   All items must be in good, usable condition. We cannot accept items which are water or fire damaged are missing pages nor have loose bindings. If your books have been stored anywhere with an infestation problem (i.e. mice, bedbugs, roaches, etc.), please do not bring them to the library.

   We welcome the donation of textbooks, but only if they have been copyrighted within the past three (3) years.

   We do not accept encyclopedia sets.

   We do not accept audiocassettes.

If you have any other questions about the suitability of your donated items, please contact the library at 201-858-6970.